Interdisciplinary PhD Programs

The Institute proposes beginning of an interdisciplinary PhD program from the CIP. In principle any two faculty from two different disciplines can propose a PhD project. The proposals will be screened by an expert committee constituted by the Center and eligible projects will be advertised for admission of interested PhD students.

CIP MTech toppers will have a provision to convert to PhD program under the Center for interdisciplinary Programs with MoE fellowship. 10 % of the total number of MTech students from all ID programs are also eligible to be converted to interdisciplinary PhDs as per existing rules.

The number of CIP PhD student with MoE fellowship will be restricted to a maximum of one per faculty and CIP PhD allocation will be supernumerary to the department allocations.

Last Date of Application: 30th April 2022     15th May 2022

Duration: Five Years

Admission: The admission into this program is offered against specified research projects proposed jointly by the faculty members from two different departments (supervisors) based on an interview conducted by the ID PhD Admission Committee.

Project-wise eligibility are mentioned below. Candidates are requested to verify the Essential and Desirable Qualification before opting the project. Candidates with B.Tech from IITs and IISERs ( and other CFTI) may apply without GATE Score.
Application Fee
•      All GEN/EWS/OBC : Rs.500/-
•      All SC/ST/PwD : Rs.250/-
•      All Females : Rs.250/-

The full list of interdisciplinary research projects can be found below. The Institute has formalized "Four" research areas as part of CIP PhD program

○      Bioengineering & Healthcare
○      Novel Materials & Techniques
○      Energy, Environment & Creative Design
○      Artificial Intelligence, Communications & Networks

Project Number: 1
Title: A patch-clamp microfluidic chip for measurement of ion-channel activity in live biological cells

Supervisor I (Department):       Shishir Kumar, EE
Supervisor II (Department):       Anamika Bhargava, BT
Essential Qualification: MSc with GATE/MTech/BTech in Electrical Engineering/Biomedical Engineering/Electronics/Instrumentation/ or related discipline
Desirable Qualification: Semiconductor fabrication, Cell culture, Microfluidics

Project Number: 2
Title: Biodegradable hybrid nanoprobes for cancer and anti-microbial theranostics

Supervisor I (Department):       Aravind K Rengan, BME
Supervisor II (Department):       Prabu Sankar Ganesan, CHY
Essential Qualification: Master’s degree in Biotech/ Nanomedical sciences/ Pharma/ Bio-chemistry
Desirable Qualification: Qualified CSIR-JRF/UGC-JRF/DBT-JRF/ICMR-JRF/GATE/INSPIRE.

Project Number: 3
Title: Development of high-density EEG system for automated diagnosis of neurological disorders

Supervisor I (Department):       Kousik Sarathy S, BME
Supervisor II (Department):       Rupesh Wandhare, EE
Essential Qualification: MTech - Embedded systems, Power electronics, Communication engg or related disciplines
Desirable Qualification: Embedded software, FPGA implementation, PCB design

Project Number: 4
Title: Study of Biomolecular Docking Using Velocity Map Imaging Technology

Supervisor I (Department):       Surajit Maity, CHY
Supervisor II (Department):       Vandana Sharma, PHY
Essential Qualification: MSc in Physics/Chemistry and related areas.
Desirable Qualification: Understanding physical chemistry, optical spectroscopy

Project Number: 5
Title: Novel Nano-micro-macro system to overcome protein delivery challenges for biomedical applications

Supervisor I (Department):       Jyotsnendu Giri, BME
Supervisor II (Department):       Rajakumara Eerappa, BT
Essential Qualification: MTech/MSc in materials science, Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Nanotechnology
Desirable Qualification: Interested in interdisciplinary work; protein, cells, materials

Project Number: 6
Title: Development of in-vitro artificial pancreas model for diabetes by 3D organoid strategy with real-time control of insulin release

Supervisor I (Department):       Subha Narayan Rath, BME
Supervisor II (Department):       Shourya Dutta Gupta, MSME
Essential Qualification: Masters in Materials Science, Biomedical engineering, Mechanical eng, Chemical eng, Biotechnology.
Desirable Qualification: Prior experience in electrospinning or Microfluidic devices

Project Number: 7
Title: Theory of active elasticity and its application in biomechanics

Supervisor I (Department):       Mohd Suhail Rizvi , BME
Supervisor II (Department):       Sai Sidhardh, MAE
Essential Qualification: Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics
Desirable Qualification: Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics

Project Number: 8
Title: Microstructure property relationship in biological fluids

Supervisor I (Department):       Renu John , BME
Supervisor II (Department):       Alan Ranjit Jacob, CHE
Essential Qualification: BTech and/or MTech Biomedical Engg, Chemical Engg, Mechanical Engg, BTech in Applied/Eng. Physics, MSc Physics with GATE/ UGC CSIR
Desirable Qualification: valid GATE score for BTech/MTech Engg Graduates

Project Number: 9
Title: Cooperative Chemotaxis in a Turbulent Environment

Supervisor I (Department):       Anupam Gupta , PHY
Supervisor II (Department):       Ranabir Dey, MAE
Essential Qualification: MSc in Physics or BTech/MTech in Mechanical Engineering or Chemical Engineering
Desirable Qualification: Computational methods, fluid mechanics, statistical mechanics.

Project Number: 10
Title: Functionalized nanofibrous polymeric matrices as cancer immuno-therapeutics

Supervisor I (Department):       Satyavrata Samavedi, CHE
Supervisor II (Department):       Ashish Misra, BT
Essential Qualification: Applicants with a BTech or MTech in Chemical Engineering or Biotechnology or Biomedical Engineering or Polymer Engineering or allied areas may apply; Applicants with BPharm or MPharm may also apply
Desirable Qualification: Motivated/Sincere, Willingness to learn, English fluency, Cell culture

Project Number: 11
Title: Self-assembly, structure and rheology of DNA hydrogels

Supervisor I (Department):       Himanshu Joshi, BT
Supervisor II (Department):       Mahesh Ganesan, CHE
Essential Qualification: Background in soft matter, Quantum mechanics, Statistical mechanics, chemical engineering, modeling and simulation, Nanotechnology
Desirable Qualification: UNIX Programming, molecular dynamics, wet-lab experience

Project Number: 12
Title: Ultrasound Initiated Cavitation for Medical Applications

Supervisor I (Department):       Avinash Eranki, BME
Supervisor II (Department):       Badarinath Karri, MAE
Essential Qualification: 1. Engineering background (Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering) 2. Interest in Biomedical 3. Interest in experiments (prior experience preferred)
Desirable Qualification: Engineering background , Interest in Biomedical with experimental exp.

Project Number: 13
Title: Large area 2D materials for CMOS digital logic and spintronic applications

Supervisor I (Department):       Chandrasekhar Murapaka, MSME
Supervisor II (Department):       Shubhadeep Bhattacharjee, EE
Essential Qualification: BTech/MTech in Materials Science or Nanotechnology or EE/ECE or Semiconductor devices or Engineering Physics. MSc. in Physics/Material Science/Nanotechnology/Semiconductor Devices
Desirable Qualification: Sputtering, nanofabrication, lithography, electrical characterization

Project Number: 14
Title: Design and Development of Next-Generation Steelmaking Reactor

Supervisor I (Department):       Ashok Kamaraj, MSME
Supervisor II (Department):       Ramkarn Patne, CHE
Essential Qualification: M.Tech in Chemical Engineering/Metallurgy or B.Tech in Chemical Engineering/Metallurgy with a valid Gate Score.
Desirable Qualification: Publication/M.Tech Thesis in steelmaking/CRE/reactor design/modeling

Project Number: 15
Title: Development of constitutive model for determining mechanical properties of spin coated polymer films using scanning probe microscopy (SPM)

Supervisor I (Department):       Balaji Iyer V S, CHE
Supervisor II (Department):       Ranjith Ramdurai, MSME
Essential Qualification: M.Sc in Physics with CSIR-NET and/or GATE qualified, M.Tech in Chemical engineering, Materials Engineering and Applied physics and allied fields
Desirable Qualification: Polymer Technology, Soft Condensed Matter, Computational Physics

Project Number: 16
Title: Computational Modeling of Fracture induced Phase transformations in Ferroelectric Materials using a Peridynamic Phase field approach

Supervisor I (Department):       Amirtham Rajagopal, CE
Supervisor II (Department):       Saswata Bhattacharya, MSME
Essential Qualification: B.Tech ( Civil/Mechanical/Material Science ), M.Tech ( Structural/ Mechanical Design/ Aerospace/Applied Mechanics), First Class with Distinction
Desirable Qualification: Programming Using MATLAB/C, Working Knowledge ANSYS/ABAQUS

Project Number: 17
Title: Oxidation behaviour and diffusion properties of high entropy alloys: Experimental analysis and ab-initio computations

Supervisor I (Department):       Mayur Vaidya, MSME
Supervisor II (Department):       Shelaka Gupta, CHE
Essential Qualification: M.Tech Metallurgy/Materials Science, MSc. Physics, MSc. Chemistry
Desirable Qualification: Materials Science, Metallurgy, Computational Tools, Physics, Chemistry

Project Number: 18
Title: Fabrication of 2D nanomaterials based flexible devices for sensing and energy harvesting applications

Supervisor I (Department):       Sushmee Badhulika, EE
Supervisor II (Department):       Ashok Pandey, MAE
Essential Qualification: B.Tech/M.Sc/M.Tech in Nanotechnology/Materials science and engineering/Physics/Electrical with hands-on experience in synthesis of nanomaterials
Desirable Qualification: Nanotechnology, Materials sciences and engineering, Electrical, Mech

Project Number: 19
Title: High entropy oxide (HEO) based catalyst for biofuel production

Supervisor I (Department):       Atul Suresh Deshpande, MSME
Supervisor II (Department):       Sunil Kumar Maity, CHE
Essential Qualification: M.E/M.Tech in Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Nanoscience and Technology or related area.
Desirable Qualification: Synthesis of oxides,characterization, catalytic studies.

Project Number: 20
Title: Green Synthesis of Nanocomposites from Waste Activated Sludge and their use in the Removal of Micropollutants from Wastewater

Supervisor I (Department):       Debraj Bhattacharyya, CE
Supervisor II (Department):       Tarun K Panda, CHY
Essential Qualification: M.Tech in Environmental Engineering, MSc in Chemistry
Desirable Qualification: M.Tech in Environmental Engineering, MSc in Chemistry

Project Number: 21
Title: Development of Functional Two-Dimensional (2D) Nanomaterials for Energy and Environmental Applications

Supervisor I (Department):       S. Ambika, CE
Supervisor II (Department):       Narendra Kurra, CHY
Essential Qualification: MTech Environmental/Chemical/nanotechnology MSC Chemistry/environmental science/nanotechnology
Desirable Qualification: Nanomaterials’ synthesis & characterization, Environmental and energy

Project Number: 22
Title: Developing AI Enabled H2/NH3 Turbulent Combustion CFD Model for Gas Turbine Applications

Supervisor I (Department):       Raja Banerjee, MAE
Supervisor II (Department):       Kishalay Mitra, CHE
Essential Qualification: First class ME/MTech degree in Mechanical/Aerospace/Chemical Engineering
Desirable Qualification: MTech/ME from CFTI; thesis in CFD, combustion, AI/ML; Publications

Project Number: 23
Title: Development of multi-functional high entropy alloy nanostructured catalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction

Supervisor I (Department):       Suhash Ranjan Dey, MSME
Supervisor II (Department):       Debaprasad Shee, CHE
Essential Qualification: M.Sc. Chemistry/Nanotechnology/Materials Science/Industrial Chemistry; B.E./B.Tech./M.Tech. Materials Science/Materials Eng./Nanotechnology/Chemical Eng./Industrial Chemistry/Applied Chemistry
Desirable Qualification: Knowledge on Chemistry, Chemical and/or Materials Science related

Project Number: 24
Title: Modelling of bed sediment entrainment by a turbulent flow

Supervisor I (Department):       Sk Zeeshan Ali, CE
Supervisor II (Department):       Niranjan S. Ghaisas, MAE
Essential Qualification: Masters in Civil/Mechanical Engg/allied areas; Strong mathematical background; Experience/interest in C/C++/Fortran; Hydraulic & water resources engineering, applied mathematics, CFD; English fluency
Desirable Qualification: Parallel programming, postprocessing tools, Linux; Mathematical tools

Project Number: 25
Title: Development of passive microwave components for miniaturized RF devices

Supervisor I (Department):       Shiv Govind Singh, EE
Supervisor II (Department):       Arabinda Haldar, PHY
Essential Qualification: BTech/ Mtech; Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Radio Physics, Instrumentation and MSc. (Electronics)
Desirable Qualification: BTech/Mtech (EE), MSc (Electronics), Radio Physics, Instrumentation

Project Number: 26
Title: Addressing Security and Privacy in V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) Networks

Supervisor I (Department):       Antony Franklin, CSE
Supervisor II (Department):       Abhinav Kumar, EE
Essential Qualification: B.Tech in CS/ECE/AI/IT.
Desirable Qualification: M.Tech / GATE

Project Number: 27
Title: Advancing Machine learning and deep learning for Astronomy

Supervisor I (Department):       Shantanu Desai, PHY
Supervisor II (Department):       Srijith P K, CSE
Essential Qualification: Bachelors/Masters in any of these disciplines CSE/AI/EE/Physics/Astronomy or related areas
Desirable Qualification: Background/experience in machine/deep learning, statistics, astronomy

Project Number: 28
Title: Application of machine learning in a photonic system to investigate the ultrafast nonlinear dynamics

Supervisor I (Department):       K. Nithyanandan, PHY
Supervisor II (Department):       Vikas Krishnamurthy, MATH
Essential Qualification: Physics, Electrical Engineering, Photonics, Applied Physics/Mathematics
Desirable Qualification: Experience in Machine Learning, Background in Electrical Engineering